Yesterday, Good Neighbor Settlement House (GNSH) hosted their amazing Wine & Food Pairing event, and The Crashers had the privilege to play for GNSH and their supporters. The event took place at “La Carcel,” located at 1201 East Van Buren Street. The old jail provided a unique backdrop for the event, and the weather set the mood. It was a windy, rainy evening that kept most everyone indoors. Unfortunately, it was clearly evident that La Carcel was never meant to host such an event. The corridors were narrow, and did not provide for ease of movement. However, the number of volunteers present helped to alleviate much of the navigational headache. The Crashers played outdoors, and because of the weather, had a difficult time involving the audience. However, given the circumstances, the audience reception was excellent during times when the weather permitted.

Good Neighbor Settlement House is one of the few non-profit organizations in Brownsville, Texas that help support the needy population of the city. They have been doing so for over sixty years. Their mission statement is as follows:

“The Good Neighbor Settlement House is a non-profit multi-service agency in Brownsville serving needy men, women and children by providing the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, showers and hot meals.”

So helping support their cause was a huge blessing to us. We had tons of fun, and the GNSH staff were nothing but hospitable. They provided a covered area for us to play, as well as several tarps for our equipment. We cannot thank them and their preparation enough. We had tons of fun playing our music for them and their many supporters; and we’re very honored to have helped support their cause. Big shout out to Nancy Dimas, GNSH board member, for organizing the event and always being available to her amazing supporters, sponsors and volunteers. Here’s to another 60+ years! Cheers! #peoplehelpingpeople

If you would like to help support Good Neighbor Settlement House, or would like more information on the wonderful work they do, please visit for more details.