Over the weekend, the 1st Annual Downtown Halloween Bar Crawl took place in Brownsville, Texas. For many residents of Brownsville, especially for age groups 21-35, this was the much needed activity the downtown area needed.

The idea for the bar crawl was not put into full effect until monday of last week. The idea for the crawl was first thought up by the owners over at Terra’s Bar & Grill, to which they later reached out to several of the venues in the area. After receiving positive feedback from local establishments, Terra’s was set to host the event backed by four other places of business; El Hueso De Fraile, The Kraken Lounge, The Historic Palm Lounge and The Half Moon Saloon.

The event was organized in a hurried frenzy, and was evident on the night of the 29th. Like most people associated with the event, The Crashers expected a decent turn out, but the amount of people on the night exceeded what anyone else thought it was going to be. There were people walking up and down Elizabeth as they explored the various bars in the area. It was something you’d expect to see in Austin or San Antonio, but not Brownsville. Places like Terra’s were packed past capacity. I recall Juan Flores, Co-Owner of Terra’s, say something along the lines of “if the Fire Marshall came in tonight and saw the amount of people that were in here, we would have been shut down.” And he’s right. Fortunately for the event, and for the venues, nothing of the kind happened.

The Crashers had an amazing time playing the event. We had the privilege to play at both El Hueso and Terra’s that night. The reception from the crowd was great. We’re not sure if it was the music, the energy we were giving off or if it was the alcohol. Probably the latter, but it was still fun. Let’s hope more events like this take place more often. People were dressed in costume for the occasion, they were participating and having fun. Most important of all, it gave the downtown area a much needed facelift in terms of business and perception. Unfortunately, many of the businesses were unprepared for the amount of people that showed up. Terra’s alone ran out of beers, whiskey, moscow mules and pretty much everything else. On top of that, they were severely understaffed. It really wasn’t their fault thought; who could have expected that large amount of people to come out? Hopefully the level of preparation next year will meet, if not exceed the amount of people that come out given the turnout this year.

Here’s to more events like this happening more often.