Over the weekend, several members from The Crashers participated in the 1st Annual Brownsville International Film Festival (BIFF) with their entry into the 24 hour film race hosted by BC Workshop and AVAI (Activating Vacancy Arts Incubator). The theme? A Day In The Life. The film needed to be shot within a 24 hour period, needed to mostly be non-fiction, include diegetic and non-diegetic sound, a two shot and a vaquero shot. The actual film race took place October 7th 9pm-8th 9pm.

The team comprised of Lorena Cruz, Jorge Gonzalez and Christian Menard. While no specific credits were given to the various individuals of the group, Menard did direct and edit the film.  Their film, titled Downtown Brownsville, aimed to tackle the stigmatizes of downtown Brownsville. The Crashers are very proud to say that their film received

“The Judge’s Pick for the Best 24 Hour Film.”


BIFF Judge’s Pick For The Best 24 Hour Film Award

Our members work hard both in and out of music, and it’s apparent with their success.

BIFF was definitely an event that Brownsville lacked, but it seemed rather unorganized. Many events seemed to lag and start late dude to poor planning. The marketing and branding coming out of BIFF is also not something you’ll find the more polished Cinesol putting out. It seemed as though BIFF bit off a bit more than they could chew in their inaugural event. Here’s to hoping they do a better job next year, where you’re most likely to find members of The Crashers participating again.

If you’d like to check out The Crashers’ entry to the festival, watch it below.