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Who Are The Crashers?

The Crashers is a group currently comprised of five individuals: Jorge Gonzalez, Lorena Cruz, Jonathan Garza, Steven Gutierrez and Christian Menard. Three fifths of our group are self taught musicians, so if we sound bad, don’t blame the other two fifths. All members are located in Brownsville, Texas, the coolest town ever. The Crashers like to play classic rock and roll music, but we tend to reach into other genres like reggae, punk, folk, country and blues. Many of our shows are free of charge to the general public and to the venues we play, especially when located in the downtown area. We do this to help support local businesses and to give the people of the Rio Grande Valley a different genre to listen to other than just Metal or Tejano. We like to have fun with our sets, and our overall dispositions, but we understand professionalism is key to hosting any live event. We hope you enjoy your stay; we are The Crashers!

The Crashers Bio:

Out of the garage of current member Jorge Gonzalez, The Crashers were originally formed on December 27, 2012 in Brownsville, Texas. Talk about the clichéd garage band story. Gonzalez started the band with current member Christian Menard, and past member Ryan Hollander. Their goal? Play music, have fun doing it, and answer to no one. Gonzalez, Hollander and Menard all shared a common interest in classic rock music; so began their niche genre. Several years have since passed, members have since come and gone, but the band carries on. Experience has allowed the band to grow into new, more difficult genres unavailable to them in 2012. They now play a wide variety of venues and events all across the Rio Grande Valley.

The Crashers Influences:

The Beatles, Sublime, Bob Marley, Albert King, Chuck Berry, 2pac

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